Trump TV Coming Your Way November 9th?

Trumps’s campaign reshuffle, announced today, is another indicator that he’s pursuing multiple paths with his presidential campaign.  Presumably, Trump wants to win. But if he cannot win, the obvious move is to parlay his new fame, reach, and audience, into an expansion of the Trump business empire.

Kellyanne Conway is a seasoned pollster and will provide Trump with something no campaign manager before her could: hard data and an instinct for where to funnel resources. Trump has been making poor strategic decisions, like his rally in eternally blue Connecticut last weekend. Conway has the experience and knowledge to stop Trump from making those kinds of mistakes.  If he’ll listen to her, of course.

Breitbart Executive Chairman Steve Bannon’s addition is a head-scratcher in some respects.  Trump reportedly already has a giant of conservative media – Roger Ailes – advising him.   And Bannon’s fringe positions are a huge turn-off to middle America – the voters that Trump needs to win.  So with the addition of Bannon, I’m even more convinced than ever that Trump’s thinking beyond the election.  Trump’s ceiling of about 40% of voters is too low to win the presidency.  But it’s a huge pool from which to draw a TV audience. The the GOP nomination has legitimized his positions on the issues, and greatly enhanced his stance as a media and political force. So watch for the launch of Trump TV – coming to you some time after November 9th. Losing the presidential election could be the best darn thing that’s ever happened to Donald Trump.

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