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Risk & Reward on Fox Business Network discussing the First Amendment and NFL players taking a knee.

Hannity revisiting Comey’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails

Risk & Reward discussing Trump and media bias

Risk & Reward on Trump hosting the LGPA tournament

Making Money with Charles Payne on Trump’s presidency to date

Making Money with Charles Payne discussing Trump v. Chuck Jones, Union leader

CNN At This Hour talking about Trump’s attack on Meryl Streep

Cavuto Coast to Coast discussing Trump’s Boeing tweet

Making Money with Charles Payne discussing possible VP picks for Hillary Clinton

Fox & Friends analyzing the DNC Chair race

CNN State of America discussing Trump’s business conflicts

FNC Your World debating Trump’s infrastructure plan

FBN Mornings With Maria discussing Trump’s first 100 days

Making Money with Charles Payne discussing the war of words between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Discussing Trump’s financial, staff and operations challenges on the Paul Henry Show

Danielle McLaughlin with Monica Crowley and Sally Kohn on the Sean Hannity Radio Show discussing Donald Trump’s allegations of bias against Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel

Danielle McLaughlin quoted in the New York Law Journal in article discussing Supreme Court’s June 2016 ruling on the recusal of judges

Fox & Friends First on Pence v. Kaine

Danielle McLaughlin on Making Money with Charles Payne discussing Bill Clinton’s $16.5M fee for an honorary chancellor position at Laureate International University

Paul Henry Show on TV3 New Zealand discussing the “Acela Primary” and Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech at the Mayflower Hotel

Fox News Election HQ discussing the Acela Primary victory speeches and Clinton’s overtures to Sanders and his supporters

Danielle McLaughlin and Sanders Supporter Amer Zahr on Fox News Election HQ in a feisty exchange over the Democratic nomination

Danielle McLaughlin and Republican Strategist Evan Siegfried on Fox Business Network’s Mornings with Maria discussing the New York Primary and Donald Trump’s chances of winning it

Danielle McLaughlin on Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co discussing the tools at the U.S. government’s disposal in light of the Panama Papers

Danielle McLaughlin on the Sean Hannity Radio Show discussing the alleged battery on journalist Michelle Fields by Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski

Danielle McLaughlin and David Webb on Fox News Channel’s Justice with Judge Jeanine discussing developments in the Hillary Clinton email investigation

Danielle McLaughlin and Clint Arthur on HLN’s The Daily Share discussing Clinton versus Trump in a general election match-up

Danielle McLaughlin on CNBC Squawk Alley discussing President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland, immediately after Rose Garden Press Conference

Danielle McLaughlin and Meghan McCain on Trish Reagan’s FBN Intelligence Report discussing President Obama’s reaction to Justice Scalia’s death

Danielle McLaughlin on FBN After the Bell discussing the Clinton email investigation

Danielle McLaughlin on FBN Risk and Reward with Deirdre Bolton discussing Christie’s endorsement of Trump

Danielle McLaughlin and Jay Sekulow on the Sean Hannity Radio Show discussing the Hillary Clinton email investigation from a white collar lawyer’s perspective

Justice with Judge Jeanine with Boris Epshtein discussing general election strategy

Danielle McLaughlin and  Mark Serrano on Trish Regan’s Intelligence Report discussing the  2016 New Hampshire Primaries

Danielle McLaughlin and CNN Contributor Jeff Lord on the Sean Hannity Radio Show discussing the lead-up to the 2016 Iowa Caucuses

Danielle McLaughlin interviewed by Chuck Mertz on This is Hell!, WNUR 89.3 FM Chicago, discussing the origins and successes of Federalist Society members, including Supreme Court appointments, Supreme Court victories with respect to expanding corporate free speech and shrinking the Commerce Clause, and the long, steady march to restrict abortion rights – and why and how their success has been under the radar.  Interview starts at 1:12:36.

Danielle McLaughlin interviewed by Sean Hannity on Fox News discussing whether Attorney General Eric Holder’s DOJ is the appropriate body to investigate the IRS ideological profiling scandal.

Danielle McLaughlin and co-author Michael Avery interviewed on Law & Disorder  discussing what liberals can learn from the rise of the Federalist Society.

Danielle McLaughlin interviewed by David Alpern on For Your Ears Only, discussing Presidential Power and the Torture Memos.

Danielle McLaughlin and co-author Michael Avery interviewed on the Jim Bohannan Show discussing constitutional interpretation and specifically, the strengths and weaknesses of originalism.

Articles, May 10, 2013.  Danielle McLaughlin and co-author Michael Avery explain that when the Supreme Court heard oral argument on marriage equality in United States v. Windsor and Hollingsworth v. Perry, there were Federalist Society members among the lawyers on both sides of the question. This split in the ranks, unbeknownst to many, reflects a disagreement about the source of constitutional protection for the right to marry. The Federalist Society’s founders, at work in the Reagan White House, predicted the split nearly 30 years ago.

Chronice of Higher Education, April 15, 2013.  Danielle McLaughlin and co-author Michael Avery discuss the Federalist Society’s and allies’ strategy to increase conservative programming in law schools.

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