Sanders Doing Double Duty for the GOP

Sanders and his supporters today are to be laying the blame for the Brooklyn voter purge and the inability for Independents to vote in the NY Primary at Hillary Clinton’s feet.  They’re either doing it directly, or by inference (Clinton is the establishment, these rules and snafus favor the establishment, ergo, it’s her fault). This isn’t a new tactic – in his last rally in NYC, on the banks of the East River overlooking the Manhattan Skyline (I was there), he pointed the finger at Clinton for the power of the big banks, corporate welfare, and money in politics.

But Sanders (and his supporters) who call an administrative snafu and state party rules “suppression” and blame Clinton are being both disingenuous and dangerous.  First, he and Clinton equally share the blame for these events – which is to say, no blame at all.  Second, it masks the real voter suppression that happening in GOP gerrymandering, and as seen in the recent Supreme Court case, Evenwell v. Abbott.  There, conservatives tried to  increase the number of rural, mostly white districts in Texas at the expense of urban, largely Hispanic ones (no prizes for guessing why).  Thankfully, they failed, although the court left them avenues open to them to achieve their goal. I’ll be watching to see what develops. As should you.

Sanders can, and should go on.  He has the money and he has the support.  But he’s doing double duty for the GOP with his relentless attacks on Clinton, from her speeches to her “qualifications.”  When Governor Scott Walker tweets agreement with Sanders over Clinton’s judgment, the Democrats have big problems.  Sanders might also consider some down ballot fundraising.  His “revolution” will require a democratic majority in Congress to have a chance of success.  If he will not support those races, and Democrats cannot take back the House and/or Senate, even a General Election win for Sanders will mean his vast promises to bring great change to our system of government will have withered and died before his Presidency can breathe life into them.


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