Danielle McLaughlin is a New York City-based Author, Attorney, and Legal and Political Commentator. Danielle appears frequently on U.S. and international TV and radio (including Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, MSNBC, TVNZ, TV3 New Zealand and the Sean Hannity Radio Show) providing analysis and insight on legal and political questions. Danielle’s legal scholarship is focused on important constitutional issues including the scope of the President’s power, reproductive rights, immigration, LGBT rights, consumer rights, property rights and eminent domain, and the tension between international law and sovereignty.  Danielle co-wrote The Federalist Society: How Conservatives took the Law Back from Liberals which was reviewed favorably by The New York Times, The Daily Beast, The Washington Review of Books, and the L.A. Review of Books. This work is of renewed importance in light of Republican control of the Executive, Congress, a majority of state Governorships and Legislatures, and a conservative majority on the Supreme Court.  Danielle and her coauthor are currently working on the second edition of the book.

Danielle is an #ChampionWomen ambassador, an organization dedicated to constructive debate, pushing back against personal attacks, and encouraging women’s voices to be heard.  In her legal practice, Danielle specializes in government investigations and complex commercial disputes. Danielle writes a weekly column on U.S. politics for New Zealand’s largest Sunday Newspaper, the Sunday Star-Times.

Danielle holds a Juris Doctor, Cum Laude, from Suffolk University Law School in Boston where she was the Editor in Chief of the Journal of High Technology Law, and a degree in Engineering (Hons 2:2) from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Danielle clerked for the Hon. William Young in The Federal District Court for the District of Massachusetts, and prior to practicing law, was a consulting engineer in Auckland, New Zealand, and a PR & marketing consultant in London, England and Vail, Colorado.

Danielle is a triathlete and runner, a fan of the All Blacks (obligatory as a native New Zealander…), wife to Brendan, and mom to Olympia.




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